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I welcome you as a warm Hungarian host!

I am very glad that you came to us and honored our restaurant with your visit!

Our story began in August 1987, when my parents founded Siófok’s first family restaurant the Sándor Restaurant! Over the years, we have continuously improved, beautify, grow and now we have become a restaurant for 240 people.

We are constantly renewing our menu, trying to bring new flavours to our food, but of course we respect the noble traditions of Hungarian gastronomy! And if you were happy with what we put on your desk with heart and soul, come back with your loved ones, family, co-workers, or have your wedding, your child’s christening, in our place – we can help you organize and conduct your event as well.

Because there is no greater and clearer joy and vocation than to please our fellow human beings with our food, make their lives more kind, brighter, more beautiful for a few hours.

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